Product : FiBEX-BST
Appearance : Aquous solution of anionic co-polymer
Chemical : 33+2%
ITotal Solid (min) :
: Free floeing liquid
Colour : Transparent
PH (as such) : 6.0-7.0
Specific Gravity : 1.3+0.03
Shelf Life   6 Months
FiBEX-BST can be diluted to max 250 gpl if it is added in approach flow through continuous soding pump.
FiBEX-BST should be diluted in a ratio 1:1 when it is added in mixing chest.
FiBEX-BST is suitable for wide pH range 4-7
Recommended dosage : 0.3-0.5% on paper.
Purpose :
To enhance the fiber to fiber bonding of kraft paper to improve its bursting strength.