Product : FiBEX-DST-0308
Chemical : Aquous solution of anionic acrylic co-polymer
Total solid : 35+1%
Status : Free flowing liquid
Colour : Golden Yellow
Odor : Nil
PH (as such)f : 6.8+0.5
Specific Gravity   1.25+0.05
Shelf Life   Six Months.
FiBEX-DST-0308 can be diluted to 100 gpl (max) and added to stock in mixing chest/ constant level box suction of fan pump on continuous basis
FiBEX-DST-0308 is suitable for wide Ph range 4-7.

Recommended dosage : 0.3 –0.5% on paper.  
Purpose :  
To impart the dimension stability to the fiber to arrest creasing tendency of paper during printing
Particularly on offset four colour printing machines.
Action :  
FiBEX-DST-0308 is a anionic co-polymer to reduce the polarity of the fiber surface as well as the lumen area of the fiber during drying of wet web to impart the dimension stability of the fiber to keep the surface of paper flat even on exposure to end users.