FiBEX-RTN (P) is a high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide.Chemical Nature Copolymer of acrylamide cationic monomer.
Product : FiBEX-RTN (P)
Appearance : White Granular Powder
BF Viscosity of 0.5% solution at : 650+100
Sp.Gravity @250C : 5+2
pH of 0.2% Solution : 4-5.5
Ionic Charges : Medium Cationic
Bulk Density( g/ml)   ) 0.6-08.
Method of Use :
Stock Solution :
1-2 gpl solution of FiBEX can be prepared in DM water under
Slow stirring in a FRP or HDPE tank.
Dosing : FiBEX-RTN (P) solution can be dosed as a 0.1-0.2% solution.


As a retention aid in paper making the dosage will be 100-400 gm/MT paper depending upon the furnish conditions. When It is used as a dewatering agent usually the dosage requirement May be high to the tune of 30-100 ppm.
Handling and Storage :  
FiBEX-RTN (P) is hygroscopic in nature and hence storage has to be done in cool and dry place protected from moisture. FiBEX-RTN (P) is granular for easy handling and better storage life
Packing :  
FiBEX-RTN (P) is packed in 25 kgs HDPE/ HDPE laminated paper bags. Also as a special case this is available in 25 kgs HDPE containers and 50 kgs fiber drums