Product : FiBEX-NAL-40
Appearance : Colourless, clear liquid
Total Solids contents : 40%
Ionic character : Cationic
PH value : 4+1
Viscosity (200C) : max.50 mPa.s
Status under foodstuff : Bg VV Recommendation XXXVI
Prepare solution of any suitable conc. And dose in machine chest in thick stock.  
Fixing Fines  
Reduction in Fluff  
Working pH range 4-9  
The usage of FiBEX-NAL accelerate the curing time of SiZEX-XL.  
Improve the drainage on wier which allow paper maker to improve the hydration level of fiber.
Its usage maintain delicate operation for maintenance of optimum pH are required for effective coagulation since aluminium hydroxide forms precipitates only optimum pH.