FIBEX-NAL (6) is a multifunctional polymer and being used as a fixing agent, coagulant as well as anionic trash catcher
Description : Property
Appearance : colourless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Ionicity : Highly Cationic
PH of 5% aq. Solution : 4.5-5.5
Packing : 50 Kgs / 100kgs HDPE Jerry Cans/ drum. In special case 200 Ltrs HDPE barrel packing is also available
Product Viscosity :
(at 300C) cps.
: 1200+300
Solubility in water   Freely soluble.
FiBEX-NAL (6) is a water soluble, high cationic polyelectrolyte. This is a drainage aid and effective size fixing agent in acidic to neutral pH. Paper furnish often contains large proportion of fines, slime and inorganic fillers. These substances will remain colloidally dispersed in the stock and cause drainage problems at the wet end restricting the speed of machine at which it can run. FiBEX-NAL (6), strongly attracts the charged organic and inorganic materials, colloids and surfaces. It functions by creating strong interatomic bonding forming homo or co-cross linked network hence production rates can be increased due oto increase in drainage of the pulp stock.
FiBEX-NAL (6) is an essential ingredient while sizing of the paper is done using synthetic sizing agents like AKD. It assists in neutralizing the anionic charge carried by furnish to near iso-electric point and simultaneously starts coagulating the sizing material and fixes on the fiber uniformly. The doses requirements depends upon the cationic demand of the system, surface area of the fines and fillers.