(Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin)
Technical Data
Softening Point : 85 +5C
Colour : WW/WG grades
Acid Value : Below 5.0
Density : 1.08+/-0.01
Appearance: Bright Pale colour Glossy Fragmented Lumps
Clarity: Clear and free of Foreign particles and contamination
Packing: Packed in HDPE laminated Paper bags inside 25Kg net weight.
Application: Hotmelts Adhesives
Solubility: Widely soluble for instance in aromatic and aliphatic Hydrocarbons ketones esters etc.
Compatibility: With Alkyds Maleics Phenols commonly used EVAS waxes natural rubber SIS and SBS
Sizex 101- is a high quality estergum manufactured out of Gum rosins and Glycerine.