SiZEX-20(AKD Based Sizing) (Sizing in Alkaline medium in the pH range 7.0 to 8.5)
Technical Data
Base : Alky1 Ketene Dimer
Appearance : White dispersion
PH : 15+1.0%
Solids Content : 3.5+1.0
Specific Gravity : 1.02gm / cm3
Ionic Charge : Cationic
Shelf Life : 2 months.
Viscosity   20 seconds + 1.0 in ford cup no.4
SiZEX-20 is used for alkaline sizing (pulp stock pH range 7 to 8.5)
SiZEX-20 is suitable for the sizing of stock containing calcium carbonate.
SiZEX-20 is fixed on fibres by cationic Fixing agent, Recommended cationic retention aids are added in stock for effective sizing results.
SiZEX-20 is added close to headbox, typically between the stuffbox and machine screens through a metering pump to maximize its retention on fiber.
Presence of anionic trash effect negatively on SiZEX-20 sizing.
The presence of A1-ions does not disturb the sizing.
Working PH range 4-5
Reduction in corrosion, scaling/ deposition.
Use of cheap calcium carbonate and other fillers.
Increased production due to smooth & faster paper machine run.
Stronger, Longer lasting sheet, improved brightness & printability.
Fast drainage on wire due to use of lesser amount of wet end additives.
SiZEX-20 is supplied in coated drums or HDPE barrels.
SiZEX-20 is stored in stainless steel tank with smooth interior and easy to clean surface at temperature between 50 and 350 c
SiZEX-20 should be protected from direct heat or sunlight.
Material Safety Data  

Effect on Health : SiZEX-20 does not have any harmful effect on body and skin
First Aid : Wash skin & eyes with sufficient amount of water in case of splashing or wetting with SiZEX-20.
Toxicity SiZEX-20 is non-toxic in nature
Hazard level SiZEX-20 is one non-hazardous.
Explosion SiZEX-20 is non-explosive.
Spillage Clean SiZEX-20 spillage with hose water to prevent slippage.